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Baskets, Ramla, Natural

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Looking for a flexible and stylish storage solution? This set of 2 seagrass baskets from House Doctor meets all your storage and decorating needs. The variety in detailing gives the Ramla baskets an airy look and elevate the overall look and feel of any room. Use them to gather your belongings in your living room, to store clothing and accessories in the your entrance area or to keep your bedroom nice and tidy. Functional and with a natural appeal, the baskets from House Doctor add a new dimension to your home which is constantly renewed when you move them around to meet your needs.

Product details

Size: L:, l: 30 cm, w: 30 cm, h: 35 cm, S:, l: 26 cm, w: 26 cm, h: 30 cm

Weight: 1.14 kg.

Material: Seagrass

Color: Natural

EAN: 5707644859708