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Storage basket, Store, Brown stripe

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Looking to declutter and organise your home? Do so with this small storage basket from House Doctor which fits in anywhere. The fabric is sturdy enough to make the basket stand by itself but lightweight enough to be collapsible for easy storage and to save space when not in use. With the brown stripes, this storage basket called Store is a casual addition to your bathroom, bedroom or living room. Any room in need of some organising. Once unfolded, folds may still naturally appear in the fabric. This is considered part of the design.

Product details

Size: l: 35 cm, w: 26 cm, h: 20 cm

Weight: 0.2 kg.

Material: Polyester , Cotton , Polyamide , Viscose , Coating: Polyethylene

Color: Brown stripe

EAN: 5707644854147