Art piece, Mindful, Natural, Handmade, Finish/Colour/Size may vary

w: 9 cm, h: 36 cm


As the name suggests, this art piece adds a calm and natural touch to your home décor. Mindful is hand carved from mango wood and sits on a marble base. There is a balance between the smooth, white marble and the mango wood with its structure that stands out thanks to the carvings. As the art piece is kept in its natural colour, let it add a light touch to your windowsill, end table or side board. Combine it with vases and candle holders in similar shades for a monochrome display or play with proportions by pairing it with bowls and trays. As Mindful is handmade, the finish and colour may vary.

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Mango Wood, Marble

Price (RRP)

469.00 DKK / 649.00 SEK / 749.00 NOK / 64.00 EUR

Care instructions

Clean with a dry cloth

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