Candle, Linen, Burning time: 34 hours

h: 20 cm, dia: 4 cm


Beautiful and tall candle in a wonderful linen colour from House Doctor. Candles are the perfect item for spreading a lively and cosy atmosphere in your home. Use this candle in your living room, in your kitchen or in your hallway as a welcoming item for when you have guests over. This candle is especially good for cold and dark winter and autumn days, and especially for those days where you want a bright atmosphere in your home. Hop under a warm blanket and watch the golden glow from the candle spread throughout the entirety of the home, and enjoy the cosy, warm atmosphere. Combine this candle with other candles in different sizes to create a personal, unique look that is perfect for your home. This candle has a burning time of 34 hours. Dimensions: dia.: 4 cm, h.: 20 cm.

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35.00 DKK / 51.00 SEK / 63.00 NOK / 5.00 EUR / 4.00 GBP

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