Storage, Floral, Black, Set of 2 sizes

S:, l: 16 cm, w: 16 cm, h: 16 cm, L:, l: 22 cm, w: 22 cm, h: 22 cm


Hide all of your small things in a decorative way by using colourful storage boxes. These storage boxes from House Doctor are called Floral and come in a set of 2 different sizes of black boxes with a colourful flower pattern. The largest one measures 22 in width, length and height, while the smallest one measures 16 cm in width, length and height. Floral is perfect for storing all of your small items in a decorative way. Close both of them with the beautiful brass magnet that also adds an exclusive look to the design. Floral is made of a combination of brass and cardboard.

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Carton , Magnets



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300.00 DKK / 435.00 SEK / 538.00 NOK / 42.00 EUR / 36.00 GBP

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