Celebrating 20 years of inspiration

2022 is a special year for House Doctor, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. For two decades, you have invited us into your homes and let our designs become part of your lives.

From humble beginnings to an international design company, the journey of House Doctor over the last 20 years has been quite extraordinary. Our values and goals, however, have not changed one bit. We still want to inspire and make beautifully designed quality products for you to enjoy.


20 years summed up

Our journey started in 2002 with a small design store in Ikast, Denmark. Since then, a lot has happened. So much in fact that it can be hard to grasp sometimes. Below, you can view our journey from launch to where we are today, 20 years later.

Black rustic tableware

A redesigned classic

One of our most popular product series, during the last 20 years, has been the handmade, ceramic Rustic. An understated and elegant series that adds warmth and personality to your table setting.

As a reminder of how much our customers mean to us, we have made a new version of the Rustic series with dinner plates, lunch plates, bowls, mugs and glasses. It is still unmistakably the Rustic that you know and love, but in a brand-new colour scheme. You can of course still buy the original Rustic series, but now you have more choices when choosing your favourite dinner set.

As a part of the Rustic series, we have also launched a Brunch Kit with everything you need to make a timeless and on-point table arrangement. The Brunch Kit is limited edition, so you will have to be quick to secure one.

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