Care Guide

Bid farewell to the constant cycle of replacements; our products are a commitment to lasting designs, that stand out. And say hi to a universe where quality is redefined, the ordinary is challenged, and we applaud daring to be different.

Elevating quality.

We don’t simply design products; we craft experiences. Our curated collection fuses lavish comfort with timeless luxury, ensuring that you immerse yourself in a universe of sleep, dreams, and sensuality.


What’s our secret? We select only the finest materials, including OEKO-TEX® 100 certified organic cotton. Employing the percale technique creates a densely threaded masterpiece that aren’t only enduring but also cool, breathable, and incredible chic. With every wash, our bedding becomes even more inviting, promising a lasting sense of comfort.


And that’s not the end of the story. Our bedding is designed to age like fine wine, enhancing the timeless look and the bold expression that you create at home. The patterns on our striped and checked sets are intricately woven into the very fabric, becoming an inseparable part of your way of living.

Mastering the craft.

Our unwavering dedication to quality isn’t all. We employ methods revolving around your comfort. Our bedlinens undergo an enzyme wash, refining the appearance while elevating the touch to a level of pure indulgence. Our duvet covers are designed with fabric overlaps and tie strings, not only securing your duvet in place but also imparting a fashionable touch that defines your personal space.

Taking great care.

This is an easy rule to remember: when it comes to care, always follow the instruction on the specific product for laundering. Simple as that. And if you need a few other tips, then try to remember these. Avoid using bleach and dry cleaning, and always opt for a gentle tumble-drying program on low heat, especially in you plan on ironing your bedlinen. That last part is completely up to you – we like our bedding a bit crinkled.


byNORD represents more than just bedding; it embodies a bold expression, a pledge to timeless sophistication, and an invitation to immerse yourself in a life… Where fashion converges with functionality, and every touch becomes a statement of distinction.