An autumn celebrating 20 years of inspiration

This autumn, we launch a collection that reflects the 20 years that have passed. 20 years of House Doctor designs. It is a collection that looks back in time as well as points in a new direction all at once. We have updated our absolute design favourites and launched new products that look to the past. It is a collection of impressions. The grand ones. The first ones. And the lasting ones.

Lounge chair with sand coloured cushions

A light and refined season

As nostalgia sweeps through this season, we look to the elegance of long-gone decades. The collection is a mixture of timeless design pieces and new interpretations of classic designs. It is a season that is light bringing a touch of refinement to autumn.

Our autumn-winter collection leaves lingering impressions through everyday elegance. The collection reflects light through textures and finishes creating inviting homes.

Glass vase in a light grey colour with air bubbles

Important first impressions

A welcoming entrance and a thoughtful greeting are the impressions that first meet us. Flowers are the obvious gift when visiting the homes of friends and family. House Doctor vases will create beautiful stands for colourful bouquets.

The new collection features metal florist vases that channel the atmosphere of Parisian florist shops. Statement pieces for thoughtful greetings.

Lasting material mix

The collection is an adventurous exploration of materials creating grand impressions. Metal reflects the surrounding light and is present in lanterns, vases, and lamps while glass décor become even lighter with air bubbles. Timeless dinnerware and kitchen accessories create elegance while the beauty of rattan is put on display through tactile surfaces.

The season pays tribute to the quality of each material and the beauty of every shape. It is an eclectic mix that create balance in every home.

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