The Okta stool: Space-saving design for your home

House Doctor designer Nicklas Lohman med Okta skamlen lavet af mangotræ

Is your flat a tad small? Not enough room for all the furniture you dream of? Then you know how important it is to make the most of every inch and find clever solutions that keep your space roomy and comfortable.

Nicklas Lohmann, our House Doctor in-house designer, wanted to design a piece of furniture that does just that. The result? Our new Okta stool. Multi-functional and contemporary, it solves many an I-need-more-space crisis.

Den ottekantede skammel Okta i indendørsmiljø

More than a stool

A stool can be used on its own, almost as a sculpture, and can be moved around and used wherever you need it. This multi-purpose quality of the stool made it the natural choice for Nicklas: ”You can move a stool around and use it for more
than seating. It can be a side table, a coffee table or a console to highlight a vase or table lamp. A stool holds so many opportunities which is what I wanted to explore”.

3D tegning og billede af Okta skammel

Graphic lines for your home

The challenge was to create a graphic expression using as few joints as possible to keep costs down.

“I settled on the octagonal shape because it gives the stool some stand-out graphic lines”, Nicklas explains. “At the same time, something as traditional as the stool is stripped back to its minimalist basics”.

The sleek, graphic design comes together with the warm glow of the mango wood, adding contrast to your seating arrangement and home textiles.

Small tip: Have a look at our Gon planters which explore the same expression.

How to use Okta

Okta is first and foremost a stool for extra seating in any room. But it is so much more. Use it to give your living room a sculptural twist by placing it on its own or by placing a vase or table lamp on top. If you are having guests over, use Okta as an impromptu chair by your sofa.

With Okta, there is no need to buy a coffee table. You can even combine it with other small tables in different materials for a unique seating arrangement that you can update whenever you want. We don’t want the lack of space to hold you back.

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Okta brugt som sidebord i spisebordsmiljø sammen med spisebord og stol

The ideal design for any kind of home

Okta is always going to be relevant, Nicklas says: ”We design elegant and practical furniture for all contemporary homes. The Okta stool is no exception. We want our furniture to adorn spacious as well as small homes and this stool fits right in, regardless of the size of your home”.

Whether you are into small living or wide, open spaces, the Okta stool is the contemporary and practical choice. Use it wherever, whenever. Move it around to meet your needs and let it be an elegant addition to your home décor.

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