Extend your home

The weather is slowly getting warmer. You can enjoy an open window here and there, and soon you will be able to enjoy a cup of coffee outside and before you know it, most of your free time is spent outside once again. We cannot wait! Our outdoor furniture is designed exactly for this occasion, making it easy for you to extend your home outside.


Most people enjoy spending time outside, however, not everyone has a large outdoor area to decorate. People living in the city might have a small balcony, while others enjoy large terraces or perhaps an orangery. No matter the size and style of your outdoor area, we want to give you plenty of choice when styling it. Take the iron Helo table as an example. The table comes in a round and a square version and in two elegant colours. The table creates an informal setting and is a great spot for summer relaxation. What is even better is that it can be moved into an upright position when not in use. Perfect for smaller spaces such as a balcony.

Outdoor setting with rugs and blankets


Do not forget to bring textiles to your outdoor area. While the summer hopefully will be warm and sunny, a cold breeze might occasionally pass through and in that case, a blanket is a lovely addition. Furthermore, few things are cosier than a blanket on a summer night in deep conversation with good friends. Add a cosy pillow to make your seating even more comfortable or as a place to rest your head when you inevitably take a nap in the summer sun.


Though the summer sun is lovely, taking a break in the shade is sometimes necessary and the healthiest for your skin. Choose a garden umbrella with a vintage style that elevates the overall look of your outdoor area and gives it a relaxed expression. Imagine sitting in the shade, a cold drink in hand, while the fringes of the umbrella move slightly in a summer breeze.


Even though the outdoor areas of your home are not as efficiently occupied all year around, they may still be nicely decorated and mirror your personal style. That is why our outdoor furniture is made in simple designs that stand beautifully on their own or can be combined with seat cushions, pillows and blankets. Functional and decorative garden furniture from House Doctor will create the foundation for the many lovely outdoor moments that await you this summer.