Planters and plants

Whether indoors or outdoors, plants add life and beauty to your living spaces. But, for a plant to really thrive and look as beautiful as possible, a carefully chosen planter is necessary. At House Doctor, we carry a wide selection of planters and flowerpots that are great for plants in all different sizes, looks and colours.


So how do you keep your plants happy and great-looking? Talking to one of our talented stylists, she recommends always buying a planter that is a little bigger than you might think you need. This is because plants need space, and while they might fit your planter perfectly at first, they quickly grow to a size where a small planter might end up being a limiting factor.

Outdoor decoration with planters, vases and lanterns


Furthermore, choosing a planter that is bigger than the plant it is home to, works to create a beautiful, contrasting look. A tall plant in a wide planter, for example, works wonders. Take a standard single stemmed fig tree as an example of this. The contrasting dimensions of the slender tree and the planter at the bottom create an informal, untraditional setting that is certain to be a wonderful addition to your home décor.

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Our stylist recommends allowing for plants that are random in their way of growing. It does not matter if they grow in a crooked way, for example, that just adds charm to your home décor. To really complete this look, choose a diverse selection of plants in different sizes and looks. Then add different planters to complement the plants. You could go with our stylist’s favourite, Concrete, with its light grey tones and ribbed pattern. Or choose a planter with a reactive glaze with minor, yet deliberate imperfections. These planters are great for your diverse display of plants as the handmade quality means that no two planters are completely alike, just like plants never are.