Signature items

Since our beginning in 2002, we have made quite a few items and designs. Every season we create new products that exude the House Doctor DNA in every way. Through their design, expression, colour and material. As part of our 20th anniversary, and to celebrate these items, our design team has selected 20 signature items that radiate House Doctor.


Combine our signature items into a wonderful display in your home. Adorn the characterful and elegant Molon table with other signature items, such as the unique Flow vase with holes for each individual stem in your bouquet. A characteristic of many of our signature items is that they highlight the items that they are paired with. The hanging rack called Keeper is a great example of this. The clean iron and glass look is elegantly beautiful in such a way that the items placed here are accentuated and come into their own.

The Flood vase utilises iron in a completely different way. Here, it adds to an industrial feel, while the organic shape gives the vase a dynamic look. This duality is another characteristic of many of our signature items.

Light it all up with the contrasting beauty, the Big Fellow lamp. This lamp blends classic and sculptural design in the most effortless way. Make the most of the design and place the table lamp on a console or sideboard where it not only lights up the space but also adds a contemporary feel to the room.


Some of our most beloved items come from the Rustic series. So much so that we created a new version along with a limited-edition brunch kit as part of our 20th anniversary celebrations.
At House Doctor, we have a wide design range without ever straying from our core DNA. Enjoy two unique vases, each with their own unique style – one sculptural, the other simple and elegant, but both beautiful in their own way.

Wooden lounge chair with cushion and a large black metal lamp


Lamps are among our most popular products. They encapsulate the feel of House Doctor while providing your home with beautiful lighting. Create a cosy corner with the black Volumen lamp hanging over the Woodie lounge chair or, if you want something a little more sculptural, go for the Molecular lamp. Its name underlines the organic roots of its design, while the adjustable rods make the lamp versatile and practical.

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Our designers are working hard on our next collection. And do not worry, plenty more signature items displaying the House Doctor DNA are coming.