Vases for any bouquet

At House Doctor, we have a wide range of vases in different colours, materials, shapes and styles. However, with many vases come many options and choosing the perfect vase that matches both your décor and flowers is not always easy. Therefore, we have written this guide describing some of our vases as well as how to choose the right one for your flowers.


Flowers can liven up any dinner table and bring life and colour to your home décor. The vase depicted below is the Farida vase which also comes in a brown colour. The narrow bottom adds balance to the wide opening which is ideal for a large bouquet of flowers. The glass comes with tiny air bubbles which add a light appeal to the design. This means that the vase can also act as an elegant piece of your décor without flowers in it.

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A sculptural vase instantly upgrades your living room. The amber vase is called Organi and comes in green as well. The dimensions and colour draw attention to the vase and the flowers you choose to display. The height combined with the narrow opening makes the vase ideal for tall flowers.

Now, if you really want an attention-grabbing vase, you should go for the nearly emerald green Foam vase – just look at that bubbly surface. Given its volume, Foam is great as a centrepiece on your dining table or on your coffee table where it gets the attention it deserves. Vases in this shape are often great for shorter bouquets with stems that fit the height of the vase. This way the flowers stand firm and spread out beautifully.


Stoneware vases are a great way to display flowers where you want to hide the stems and make sure that focus is on the flowers themselves. Organic in their shape, these vases add a natural and soft touch to your home décor. Combine the vases with each other or with décor in burnt and earthy shades to bring warmth and a sense of calm into your home.

Tall bouquet in a brown glass vase


If you want to add a dash of stylish informality to your décor, these Foam vases are a great addition. The warm amber colour and bubbly surface add subtle detailing and a slightly quirky touch to your home décor. Depending on your style and the flowers displayed, you can get Foam in different sizes. Or you could combine them both for a beautiful arrangement of flowers and vases. The tall one is great for long stemmed flowers or dried flowers like pampas grass, while the small Foam vase is great for bouquets where you cut the stems short and only show the heads of the flowers.


The combination of vases in different sizes and shapes contribute with an informal yet cosy look to your home décor. This also allows you to be creative in the selection of flowers you choose to display. Opting for vases in a similar style can create a coherent look. Like a display piece with all aluminium vases as you see below. Even though the vases are kept in a similar look, you can still style the display piece with different flowers and different shapes and sizes of the vases you choose. The aluminium Fenja vases have been stamped and engraved with different patterns by hand, giving them a relaxed and authentic look.

On our website you can browse our wide range of vases and create a display piece of your own. One that perfectly matches your style and home décor.

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