Meraki x Triumph promotes self-care and wellbeing

Recognising that taking time for yourself isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity, as self-care enriches every aspect of your wellbeing: physical, mental, and emotional. 

In partnership with the intimate apparel company Triumph, Meraki wants to inspire women to take a few moments for self-care and wellbeing through the combination of fragrant notes and ultra-comfortable lingerie. Let’s create moments of calm and everyday luxury that nurture our mind, body, and senses.

"As you unwind from a busy day, there is nothing more rewarding than indulging in a fragrant bath followed by a nourishing skin care routine and dressing in beautiful lingerie as the finishing touch. Prioritising selfcare is crucial, and the combination of luxurious lingerie and refined skin care is just one way to go about this." 

Charlotte Ammentorp, Meraki Brand Owner.

Physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing

Customers purchasing any product from the new Triumph Lift Smart series in-store will receive a complimentary Meraki body wash with the signature scent Northern Dawn. The fragrant notes comprise fresh orange, cedar wood and sweet balsamic, and the certified organic formula nourishes and moisturises the skin. Products are available as long as stock lasts.

Moments of self-care in the everyday

Triumph is a distinguished brand internationally and is renowned for crafting quality lingerie celebrating individuality and diversity. With a dedication to female empowerment, Triumph creates personal experiences and long-lasting relationships with their customers. At Meraki, we also share a passion for building a strong community around our brand, and we inspire our customers to embrace daily moments of selfcare.