Are you checking out the labels when you need a new shampoo or cream? As in certifications that indicate whether the product is allergy-friendly, environmentally friendly, and fragrance-free? At Meraki, you'll find a wide range of products with one or more labels or certifications. This is your guarantee that we have looked into all aspects to make the best possible formulas for your skin and the environment.

When it comes to allergies, the certifications tell you that we have chosen ingredients have minimize the risk of allergic reactions as much as possible. We cannot eliminate that risk completely, and we will always be honest about what our products can do. Perhaps you are looking for something allergy-friendly to avoid rashes and reactions. However, we are all different and react differently. Therefore, being allergy-friendly is never the same as a complete guarantee that you will not get a reaction, regardless of how many labels the product has.

Have you ever wondered why it's almost impossible to find a 100% certified organic product? That's because almost all skincare products contain water and minerals, which cannot be considered organic. Learn more about our certifications here and which products they apply to.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official Nordic environmental label that considers the entire lifecycle of the product. From raw materials, production, and usage to recycling and waste. This approach allows us to focus not only on one aspect but take a more holistic approach to make a great impact. At Meraki, you'll find the label on products like our dish soaps, so you know they contain no harmful or unnecessary chemicals. Our Face Care series and the fragrance-free PURE sun series also carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

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Ecocert Cosmos Organic

Cosmos Organic is a European certification for organic skincare and cosmetics. To obtain this certification, at least 95% of the product's content must be natural ingredients, and at least 95% of the product's extracts and oils must be organic. These are just a few of the criteria. Most of our products are certified organic because it makes sense and shows that careful consideration has been given to various factors before the product reaches your shelf. Ecocert is the organization that manages the labeling and approves products receiving this certification. Their mission is to promote sustainable development, requiring the use of raw materials from organic farming, clean production, and environmentally friendly packaging.

Ecocert Cosmos Natural

Cosmos Natural is a certification focusing on natural ingredients. A product with this certification meets all the requirements of the Cosmos Organic certification, but it doesn't have a high enough proportion of organic ingredients. If there are organic ingredients in the product, they cannot be highlighted on the packaging. You'll find this label on our foot salt, made from 100% natural sea salt.

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A relatively new label founded in Denmark but with an international outlook. It scrutinizes all ingredients to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. Choosing a product with this label ensures it contains no allergens, hormone disruptors or carcinogenic substances. The AllergyCertified label can be found on our sensitive wash and our fragrance-free skincare series, Pure Basic.

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AsthmaAllergy Nordic

A Nordic allergy label that guides you toward a more allergy-friendly choice. The label indicates that the product has been thoroughly reviewed and is always free of ingredients that pose a risk. You will not find any synthetic or natural perfumes or essential oils in our products with this label. With this label, you can make an informed decision and choose what is best for your skin. At Meraki, you can find the AsthmaAllergy Nordic label on our fragrance-free sun series.

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