Silky Mist

The Silky Mist series pampers you with ingredients such as aloe vera, cucumber, and apple, along with nourishing and moisturising jojoba oil. All products are certified organic, except for the roll-on deodorant. Experience moisturised and well-cared-for skin and hands with a series that has a light fragrance with notes of white citrus blossom and citrus with a subtle sweetness to it.

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Everyday care in a luxurious design

The transparent bottles in the Silky Mist series are designed to give your bathroom a calm and light atmosphere. At Meraki, thoughtful design is combined with effective ingredients, providing your decor with the finishing touch. These are products you can easily leave out or even hang on the wall with a couple of brackets. Regardless of your choice, you get pure well-being and a luxurious experience.