Get softand well-cared-for hands

You tend to forget them and put them through a great deal. Handwashing, dishwashing, hand sanitizer, dry air, and cold are some of the things that leave their marks on the skin and are tough on the hands. In fact, they show just as many signs of aging as the face but often don't receive the same attention.

In addition to anti-aging ingredients, moisture is crucial if you want your hands to look as fresh and vibrant as the rest of you. Get soft and moisturized hands with this daily care guide that doesn't require much and will soon become part of your self-care routine.

3 Tips for radiant and healthy-looking hands

Proper hand care is just as important as facial care. Take a little time out during the day and dedicate a few minutes to give your hands plenty of moisture and nourishment. Consider this guide as basic care that you can easily expand with a hand soak or manicure when you have the time or have accepted an invite that requires some extra pampering.

Step 1 – Wash your hands

A fundamental step that cleanses while providing the initial moisture and care. Use your favorite soap and lukewarm water to avoid drying out the skin. If your hands need a little extra, grab an exfoliating hand soap that gently removes dead skin and makes your hands smoother. You probably already use a scrub for your face, so why not give your hands the same treatment? And since you are going to wash your hands several times a day, your soap might as well be rich in nourishing ingredients.

Step 2 – Hand serum for extra care

The Meraki hand serum gives your hands a boost of moisture that you can both see and feel. Use it a few times a week and preferably overnight so the skin can truly drink up all the goodness from vitamin F, shea butter, and anti-aging hyaluronic acid. Just massage the serum into the back of your hands and finish with a hand cream once it's absorbed. If you want softer hands with fewer visible wrinkles, this is where you'll see noticeable results without having to spend too much time.

Step 3 – Moisture, moisture, and more moisture

Finish with a hand cream or lotion every time you wash your hands. The slightly richer consistency of the cream is especially good when your hands are craving that extra attention, while the lighter hand lotion is ideal for daily use. Creams and lotions from Meraki are certified organic and give you extra indulgence with fine, natural scents.

Proper hand care is primarily about providing moisture and preserving it by protecting the natural skin barrier. Have a hand lotion ready by the bathroom sink and take a Meraki hand cream with you when you're on the go. That way, you've come a long way in taking care of your hands.

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