The haircare duo you need for fuller hair with bounce

Know that feeling of using all the right styling products to get volume, only for your hair to fall flat soon after? It’s the worst. But if you invest in the right basics, your chances of more volume in your hair are infinitely higher. Go for products that unite effectiveness, design, and fragrance – such as the volumising shampoo and conditioner from Meraki. They make sure to give your hair a salon-worthy treatment, complete with active ingredients and a delightful scent.

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In 2022, this duo won the Hair Care Product of the Year award – Popular at the Danish Beauty Awards, and the judges had this to say: "This hair care set makes the hair airy. The shampoo and conditioner add volume, smell wonderful, and the design is so elegant that we'd like to keep it on display. Meraki has captured the spirit of the times and a trend, making it accessible in terms of price." Both products are developed and produced in Denmark.

We're by no means claiming that the right shampoo and conditioner solve all your hair problems, but having the foundation in your hair care is a great place to start, ensuring your styling products have the best conditions to work as they should. Dive into the ingredients here and learn what pea protein, coconut oil, and provitamin B5 do to transform your flat hair into locks with plenty of volume and a naturally healthy look.

Best shampoo and conditioner for thin and fine hair

Does your hair need both nourishment and volume? This volumising shampoo and conditioner lift the hair at the roots, soften, and repair for extra strength and vitality that is both visible and tangible.

Provitamin B5 is a classic that you may already be familiar with, and there's a reason why the vitamin is so popular. It deeply nourishes each strand of hair from the inside out, providing plenty of moisture.

Pea protein forms a protective film, retains moisture, and strengthens the hair from the inside out, making it less prone to splitting.

Additionally, the conditioner contains organic coconut oil, which softens your hair without weighing it down. The result? Full and resilient hair that is also smooth, shiny, and simply looks healthy.

Scentand consistency on point

The volumising shampoo and conditioner rival the best products you would normally buy at the salon – but at a completely different price. That's why we've worked hard and long to find the perfect combination of scent notes and the right foam, synonymous with luxury and self indulgence.

Here, rose, jasmine, and fresh cucumber are rounded off with a hint of musk as the base note. There's something classic and familiar about the scent, which might make you linger a little longer in the shower. Just to enjoy the fragrance a bit more and let it envelop you.

Of course, there's a lot more beyond shampoo and conditioner that you can do to give your hair the best conditions. Get your hair cut with the right technique, drink enough water, pay attention to how you blow-dry, use products that lift the roots – and much more. It can be a jungle, we know, and advice is abundant. But with the right hair care products that combine effectiveness with a luxurious experience, you're off to a good start.